Our Vision:
Successful Business

We partner with strategic stakeholders, offering services with tailored end-to-end supply chain logistics capabilities, to bring your product from production to point of sale.

These proven partnerships incorporate the most comprehensive features to ensure fast, accurate, and freshest-possible distribution of your product, avoiding unnecessary complications.

We have a HACCP certified processing plant in Bhimavaram, India to constantly supply highest quality farm raised shrimps to USA, directly from India.

NAME Inc is a USA-based exporter partnering with shrimp harvester and processor. As India's first vertically-integrated shrimp provider, we offer a logistical advantage with a range of capabilities, from farm to packaging, we have full control over our hatcheries, grow-out farms, processing plant, and distribution channels throughout India and the USA.


Our first-hand experience in farm-to-consumer distribution ensures high quality at a competitive price. we own 400 hectares of land for cultivating seawater shrimps in cement ponds, supplying 4,000 tonnes of quality frozen shrimps at competitive prices to both USA and overseas markets.

The introduction of high-tech equipment to the processing plant via the transfers of technology has increased the supply of top-quality seafood to the USA tremendously. All frozen seafood is shipped to the USA’s warehouse by our partner reefer vessel directly from our own plant.